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About Us

Let me tell you about Bite Your Trousers. We are a husband and wife team who dedicate our lives to being full time volunteers at New Hope Animal Rescue.  We decided to set up BYT so we can continue helping at the rescue and earn ourselves a living running our own little business.  So, why Bite Your Trousers as a name?  We were wracking our brains trying to think of something memorable. It eventually came to us when a volunteer at the rescue said to one of the resident dogs "I'll bite your trousers" after Groot the German Shepherd did, playfully, bite his trousers. We thought it was a fun name whilst keeping a connection to the rescue. The logo was inspired by our late chihuahua, Charlie who also liked to bite your trousers....and anything else....and not so playfully. LOL. 

We will be donating a percentage of our profits to New Hope Animal Rescue on some products, look out for them as it can be up to 50% on an item and even 100% on others. 

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Our Clients

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