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Firstly, welcome to my website!  My name is Christine and I started my little business to support myself while I dedicate my life to being a full time volunteer at New Hope Animal Rescue. Bite Your Trousers is a shop for those that like the unusual and unique. After a shift at the sanctuary looking after the many animals, which I absolutely adore, I design and create products to fill the "shelves" of  Bite Your Trousers.

While some of the products are made with my own fair hands I also sell items such as T shirts, mugs and tote bags. These are designed then made as sustainable as possible by using print on demand, creating zero  waste.  

I really enjoy turning unwanted stuff, destined for land fill, into saleable products. I take pity on neglected looking items at car boot sales or charity shops, give them a new lease of life and turn them into a great gift for someone that enjoys the quirky and totally unique.  My love for animals and oddball things influence all of my creations.  My husband salvages any unwanted wood, including pallets, making rustic pieces that bring the warmth and character of natural wood into your home. 

I take pride in the unique and quirky name, Bite Your Trousers.  Many people ask what it means and where it comes from.  The name is actually inspired by a dog I had years ago - a little rescued chihuahua named Charlie. Despite being cute and tiny, he had a BIG attitude and would bite your trousers, as well as anything else that stood in his way. Although he could be quite the handful, this was his 4th home and he was loved dearly by my husband and I. When Charlie passed away I chose to honour his memory through our shop's name and theme.

Me with Gonkey, a New Hope


Charlie in full BYT mode

The Charlie we grew to love

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