How Much Have We Raised?

If you are interested in how much is being raised and how your money is helping the animals at New Hope, all the details are on this page.. The fundraising begins as of 13-03-22 and the total will be updated regularly. A huge thank you to everyone for helping us help New Hope. 

Nothing yet, but we have only just started!!! So, let's go!!!


This month we are going to donate the money raised to help with the bills for the ongoing vet treatment and special care for New Hope's Christmas miracle. 

Christmas Day wouldn’t be Christmas Day without an emergency intake, and New Hope being New Hope it was obviously going to be a complicated case.

Please meet Little Louie, there is suspicion that Louie has a congenital brain malformation known as Corpus Callosum Agenesis, which means he does not drink unless encouraged, his brain doesn’t tell his body he needs to drink. He is on a special feeding regime which ensures he gets enough fluids. He also has a bad skin condition which is getting better each week with his regular medicated baths, on top of this poor Louie has a bad leg conformation. He is rising two years old and is only the size of a five month old pup. Because Louie needs a lot more investigation he is staying at HQ for extra special care where he is beginning to thrive. He is a different little guy since he first arrived, he is affectionate and has settled in with the other canine residents, he has found a good friend in Hunter. He is happy but he still has a long journey ahead due to his complex needs. 

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