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New Hope Animal Rescue is somewhere I am so proud to be a part of.  As I have said before, I started Bite Your Trousers so I could volunteer full time at the sanctuary.  This page is to show you all how much we have raised for NHAR from the sales of some of the products I sell.  Remember, whatever you buy from BYT will directly or indirectly help New Hope Animal Rescue. 

"New Hope Animal Rescue is an independent, non-destruct animal rescue and Sanctuary. New Hope is dedicated to helping animals on facing euthanasia or in immediate danger and those with either medical needs or behavioural problems that make them difficult to place. We aim to help as many animals and in particular those that have been turned away elsewhere. We also give sanctuary to rescued horses and rescued farmed animals and fowl. We have two sites, one in Dartford Kent which concentrates on our dog rescue, where we hold about thirty dogs at a time and the other is our Sanctuary site in Herne Bay, Kent. Our Sanctuary site looks after about three hundred animals at a time ranging from dogs, cats and small domestics to cows, sheep, pigs and horses. We occasionally rehome those that we consider rehomeable, but often act as the middle man between immediate danger and rescue spaces. We work alongside a vast pool of other rescue organisations to make safe as many as we can. New Hope has no paid staff, including its Founders who work full time to cover as much cost as possible. We are always in need of donations to cover a vast array of expenses that are incurred including feed and bedding, enormous vets bills, kennel bills and fuel costs for transporting."

So far we have raised  £15.95

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