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Here you can chose where you would like your tribute to be placed. Click on the sign post, have a look at each place and see what you prefer, where did your companion like to spend their time? Click on the audio at the top of the page to add a bit of atmosphere to the memorial space.

When you have found where you would like your memorial simply email me a photograph of your companion animal with their name and a tribute of no more than 50 words. 


The email address is

It is absolutely free to have a tribute on the site but If you would like to make a donation to New Hope Animal Rescue that is amazing, the Paypal is 

Please use friends and family option to avoid any fees and title it as "Tribute"

I will  transfer all donations New Hope on the 1st of every month.


Click on the New Hope logo to see how much has been raised. Any donators will be credited on that page unless you tell me otherwise. 

To find out more about New Hope visit their website at


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